We know it is a lot of effort for you to sort out your storage. We want to make it as easy for you to do it – send us everything you want to get rid off when it comes to your kids clothes (up to Age 4-6 (size 116cm)). Pack it all up and ship it to us, it’s that easy.

We do not accept towels, bedlinen, underwear, belts & shoes.

For our buyers, we only curate the really good quality clothes and resell them. As for the rest, we will either donate them, or dispose off them properly. 

  1. Brands we like working with include HessNatur, Disana, Petit Bateau, Vertbaudet, Alana, Finkid, Sigikid, Steiff, People wear Organic, etc. We also accept some organic collection lines from Zara (‘Join Life’ collection), H&M (Conscious collection), etc. 
  2. We prefer working with natural fabrics – Oeko Tex, cotton, linen, wool, silk, jute, hemp. We find that they are not only better for your childrens skin, but they also last longer, which means you get more money for reselling them. 
  1. Fast fashion involves exploitative business models in order to drive prices down. This goes against our values and we try to avoid these items as much as we can. You can still send us the stuff and we will donate or dispose off them accordingly.
  2. Indoor clothes with a high amount of poly fabrics
  3. We cannot accept items without the clothing label (eg., if it has been cut off)
  4. No pilling (we dont sell clothes that pill or have knots due to excessive washing or use)
  5. No big holes or loose stitching.
  6. Thinned out clothes (eg. by excessive use)
  7. Defective clothes (eg., broken zipper or buttons)
  8. Strong odors or animal hairs. (eg. cigarette smell or mildew from storage)
  9. Products not accepted: Towels, Bedlinen, Belts, Underwear, Shoes
  10. We do not accept clothes above size 116cm (4-6 years)


Your shipment is on us. Free of charge.

We are currently not accepting any new shipment as our storage capacity is full. We have received so many wonderful clothes from many wonderful mums and need some time to process them. Please come back to check in a few weeks. If you would like to be notified as to when we accept new boxes, please join our newsletter below.

    Pack your clothes in a used box. It doesnt matter how it looks when it reaches us. This is a great way to reuse all of those Amazon boxes.

    Drop off your box at your nearest DHL Post office

    Our logistics partner is DHL. We have opted for the additional Go Green option, in order to offset the CO2 emissions on the shipment.The shipping label will be sent to your email ID within the next 24 hours. We only accept shipments within Germany. 

    3. Get paid

    Get paid within 21 days of us receiving your shipment. We use the time to inspect the quality of the items.

    As a rule of thumb, you will get paid up to 40% of the resale value for items reselling at below EUR 20 and up to 60% for items selling above EUR 20. This of course depends on the brand, fabric and final quality of the clothes you send us.

    If you accidentally send us products that do not fit our payment criteria, we will either donate them or dispose off them correctly. We unfortunately cannot return the items as the cost to do so is too high for our young business and the environment.

    Forms of payment we make are limited to:

    1. SEPA payments (Euro bank accounts)
    2. Paypal

    Thank You!

    As a big thank you for choosing to work with us, we plant a tree in your name. This is really important to us, as we want to try and offset our C02 emissions of running this business.

    We want to build a platform of great quality second hand clothes. We hope we can encourage new parents to buy more second hand clothes through this experience. This is only possible because of YOU – your love for your baby, your choice to buy good quality clothes, and your willingness to pass it on to other families. So, THANK YOU.